The Privy must be located so as to minimize any danger of contamination of ground or surface water. The Privy must be located downgrade and at least 50 feet from any source of water supply, streams, or other surface water, including wetland areas.

bullet The structure must not be located within 50-foot perimeter of any occupied building or structure.
bulletConsideration should be given to the direction of prevailing winds to reduce odor nuisances.



bulletThe superstructure must be constructed of durable and sustainable materials.
bulletA concrete holding tank, a septic tank, or other type of concrete constructed vault must be used to provide a vault large enough to accommodate several years' use. A 1000-gallon septic tank is recommended. PLASTIC TANKS ARE PROHIBITED.
bulletThe vault must be made water tight to prevent seepage to ground water.
bulletThe vault must be equipped with a roof-venting stack that is screened to prevent entrance of insects.
bulletAn exterior access cleanout must be provided to allow for pumping of the vault.
bulletThe privy superstructure shall be insect proof, well ventilated, and fastened securely and solidly to the vault.
bulletThe door should be self-closing and provided with weather stripping to make it insect proof.
bulletThe seat and seat cover shall be constructed of smooth and easily cleanable materials.
bulletAn earth mound must be constructed around the privy, or a surface water diversion ditch shall be constructed to prevent surface water from flooding end entering the vault.

* Referenced from 25 PA Code Chapter 73.63(a) (b)