East Branch Dam / Lake & Campground

The US Army Corp. of Engineers’ East Branch Dam is located near the Village of Glen Hazel in Jones Township. The reservoir created by the dam, East Branch Clarion River Lake, has a surface area of 1,160 acres under normal operating conditions. The drainage area of the Clarion River basin above East Branch Dam is approximately 72 square miles.

The lake offers great fishing and unlimited horsepower boating opportunities. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission stocks the lake annually with walleye, tiger muskellunge, lake trout and fingerling brook trout. Because East Branch is deep and has cold water layers combined with high levels of dissolved oxygen, it is one of the few impoundments in Pennsylvania that can support lake trout.

Fly fishermen delight in the knowledge that the East Branch of the Clarion River, downstream of the Dam, are stocked regularly by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. During the winter, for the brave of heart, ice fishing is also a popular activity.

East Branch Lake offers a wonderful opportunity to “escape from it all” and trade the urban hustle and bustle for a calmer, more tranquil environment. East Branch Campground lures travelers with her siren song of rest and relaxation. The overnight campground caters to many different tastes, the campground offers RV electric campsites as well as traditional campsites and cabins. The area boasts a scenic overlook picnic area with panoramic views of the lake, a plethora of hiking trails, a playground for children, and even warm showers.

East Branch Lake Park has two boat launch areas, the East Branch Boat Launch Area and Instanter Boat Launch Area. Instanter Boat Launch area has restrooms, picnic shelters and a playground The East Branch Boat Launch at the main parking area has restrooms, and there is an interpretive hiking trail nearby.
Tow a water skier behind your boat, or take the plunge and jump in yourself to enjoy the thrill of this water sport. Although swimming from your boat is permitted, swimming from the shoreline is not, since there are no designated swimming areas or lifeguards.

One of the most popular activities on the East Branch Clarion River Lake is power boating. Without horsepower limits, you are able to enjoy the breeze in your hair and a spring in your aquatic step as you zip around the lake. (Please exercise caution and safe boating practices.)

When it’s time to take a break from water activities, hiking trails, such as the Shady Ridge Nature Trail, abound in the area and give hikers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the indigenous flora and fauna of the area.

The newly re-opened and renovated East Branch Campground is one of the best destinations in the PA-Wilds! Please click on either picture above for campground availability.

While visiting this region of Jones Township you can also take in the Allegheny National Forest which is just a short drive west of the East Branch Clarion River Lake.

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Army Corps to reopen East Branch Dam

Mike Olewinski, from Wilcox caught this 32.5 pound, 48 inch Muskie at the East Branch Lake–Instanter
The Recreation Area near the campground was recently named in honor of long time Park Ranger Art Myers. Art had retired from his job as a Park Ranger for the Army Corps. Of Engineers in December of 2019 after 43 years of service at East Branch Dam. During his tenure with the Corps. Of Engineers, he received multiple awards including Park Ranger of the Year in the Pittsburgh District.
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