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Jones Township, Elk County, administers and enforces the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code program for several neighboring municipalities in Elk, Cameron and McKean Counties. By entering into an inter-municipal agreements, we are able to provide a comprehensive full-time building code inspection program for our local rural communities.

Click on the municipality your project will be located for additional information and the proper Building Permit Applications.

The information below provides basic information on the PA Uniform Construction Code (UCC). For additional information and applications for: permits, building codes, inspections, fees, and other related local ordinances, please contact the Building Code Official, Mr. Russ Braun, at 814-929-5138.

Stormwater & Erosion Control Requirements

Recreational Cabins

Electrical Service Upgrade or Repair

Demolition Permits

Agricultural Buildings

On-Lot Sewage / Septic System Information

April 23, 2007 News Release

Applicable Codes: The codes currently in use under the UCC are the 2018 International Codes issued by the International Code Council. The ICC also made copies of its codes accessible online, at no charge.  You can access these online for FREE BY CLICKING HERE . Please note that this free service is very limited in terms of access (i.e., you will only be able to view one code section/subsection at a time, not whole pages) and search and print capabilities. If you want full access and features, you will either need to pay for full electronic access or purchase the desired code book(s).

The UCC Code applies to all applicable projects as of July 1, 2004. This was the effective date of the Uniform Construction Code throughout the Commonwealth. To visit the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry’s home page regarding the UCC, please click here to jump to the L&I link.

Jones Township is a member of the International Code Council

All codes, permit applications, and guidelines are subject to change. Please contact the Jones Township Office for information on your specific project at: 814-929-5138.